Everything Has A Season

This morning I went outside to look at my mums and other flowers that I had placed in my screen porch, hoping that I would be able to preserve them for next year. The mums looked good as they should, after all, they are Fall plants. Then I looked at the flowers inside my screen porch and I was saddened to see that they were dying. My first reaction was to reach for one of my water cans and I started to put water in them. After I watered one plant, I stopped myself. These are the thoughts that came to my mind:
1) These flowers are supposed to die. They are summer plants and it is now Fall. Why can’t I stop watering them? Why can’t I just let nature take its course? Everything has a season, right?
2) We have the tendency to do the same thing with people, situations, habits, etc., that no longer serve us. We “water” the situation, people, or habits with our time, our emotional energy, our money, our love.
3) Just as flowers have seasons, so do many things have seasons in our lives. We have to trust God as he moves us or those things into new seasons, and release whatever needs to be released. Our love, time, emotional energy, money, etc, can be best used in the new season.
4) If you have problems with this, ask God to help you. Ask Him to give you peace as things are re-positioned in your life. No one said releasing the old would be easy, but trust that what He removes, He replaces with much better

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