Magnolias and Stewed Apples

Part 2 of this morning’s walk :
Moo and I continue our walk and we are marveling at everything: the magnolia blossoms and their wonderful fragrance, the new fragrances we smell and trying to locate the sources, the heat of the sun (I also learned what vitamin sources we get from the sun lol), our neighbor’s garden and her apple trees (we are ready for some of Nana’s stewed apples!!), the new blossoms that were not apparent just last week…and the list goes on and on.

Are our lives perfect? Far from it! Do we have problems, concerns, fears, fitful nights? Yes we do. But we can’t let all of those things get us totally down. Because just as we have those problems and concerns and “Lord what we gone do?” moments, we also have magnolias, gardens, and stewed apples.

God never said we would never have problems, loss, disappointment, and strife in life, but He did say that we can have peace. I know all too well what you are saying, “But KP, you don’t know what going on in my life! You don’t know what happened to me, what’s happening to me right now!” And guess what, I can say the same thing back. So today I encourage you and myself – after you finish laying prostrate in your prayer closet crying out to God for help, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and walk in peace and faith…..

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