Beware of the Birds

 I was so excited this morning because this would be the morning that Moo would start back walking with me since school is out. And I must say, I really enjoyed our walk! Moo was his usual jovial self (after I finally got him out of bed). He talked about any and everything and I enjoyed his conversation. Today I learned about jet streams and the symbiotic relationship between certain vines and trees. I also realized that as Moo is getting older, his personality is a perfect mix of Paul and I, and that comforts me, because a person needs to have balance in all things.

As we were starting lap 2, we noticed a group of birds flying in a circular pattern by a local church. Moo wondered aloud what they were doing. I shared that they were probably waiting until the right time to swoop down and eat a dead animal. These are the thoughts that came to mind as we continued our walk:

1) Our mind can be like that dead animal: laying there vulnerable, not protected, not aware of the danger that lurks;
2) The enemy can be like those birds, waiting for the perfect opportunity to swoop down and consume the dead animal, our minds, because he knows we are not paying attention;
3) It usually doesn’t take long for birds to consume the dead animal until nothing is left;
4) However, because we are children of God and we are guaranteed protection of the highest caliber, we can keep ourselves from becoming like that dead animal through prayer, fellowship, study.;
5) So when the Enemy threatens to swoop and consume our minds by filling it with all sorts of negativity, we can be ready, we are protected, and that fool will just have to fly away…..

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