The Bee Sting

So, I drive up to work this morning and I feel a sharp pain in my back, like I just got pricked by a straight pin. I jump out the truck and dance around, trying to shake loose whatever it was that stuck me. I hit at the site of my pain, the small of my back and I felt another stab of pain in my finger! I ran in my building and went straight to the bathroom, where I stripped out of my clothes and shook them. And what falls out? A bee!!! I’m like, “Really? Stung by a bee on Friday?” So then, because I am a southern girl and I believe in and have received home remedies, went to my co workers and asked for suggestions for the pain. I didn’t have my grandma’s snuff to put on my bite, but I was told that tobacco from a wet cigarette has the same healing properties. So I went in search of a cigarette. I finally got an answer from a nice lady. We went outside to get her cigarette and we started talking about our kids. She mentioned one of her kids was autistic and was having difficulties. We talked more as she helped me apply the wet tobacco to my finger and my back. Before we left one another, we touched and agreed that our children would always be blessed and receive all the help they need. Why did I share all of that? To illustrate a couple of things: 1) sometimes life hits u with unexpected things, some minor, some life altering, 2) But rest assured, if this is something He has allowed in your life, there is a lesson AND a blessing in it, 3) My unexpected bee sting this morning led to information shared, encouragement given, and agreement for God’s blessings, plus my sting doesn’t hurt anymore ( I smell like a tobacco barn though lol)……

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