The Wrong Shoe

Due to an abrupt schedule change, Team Pruden has not been able to walk of late, which has been a bummer, but alas, I do have something to share… I’m getting ready this morning and I slide my foot into my one of my flats…then I looked down, because the shoe didn’t feel right on my foot…and of course, I had put the wrong shoe on. I immediately laugh at myself, because my flats are SO flat that I couldn’t tell which foot it belonged on. I also had these thoughts: 1) Sometimes life can be like the shoe – you get into a situation and you immediately realize that it’s not right for you; 2) Will you do like I did and immediately get out of that situation; 3) or will you stay in the situation, walking around with your spirit hurting and not being God wants you to be? 4) Let’s decide today to take the “shoe” off and live the life that God wants us to live….

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