Back On Track Part 2

All of me hurts!!!! My goal this morning was to finish cleaning out my front flowerbeds this morning. And I did. But as I was taking my supplies to my potter’s bench, I looked at the back flowerbeds…..and man, they looked awful!!! So I decided to work just a little bit in the back, just tidy up and bit….and 3 hours later, I was finally finished, at least for now. I didn’t get cut today, because I found a glove for my pulling weeds hand. And today I pushed myself a little farther than I thought I could go, and the results were worth it……1) what goals have u set for yourself? 2) Are you like me, u may start working on it, but get sidetracked, only to find ur way back to a mess, and now you have to work harder? 3) just remember, as you are getting yourself together, just keep your tools close (prayer, the Word, a good support system) and keep pressing, you won’t regret the struggle……

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